Industrial, Civil, Commercial, Tertiary installations



We operate throughout the Country, specialise in the design, installation, service and maintenance of civil, industrial and commercial systems, from the shopping centres and large-scale retail trade sector to industry, hotels, private residences, hospitals, public entertainment, renovation, etc.

We deal with the construction of new installations and the enlargement of existing ones, we improve their functionality and the compliance with regulatory requirements. All solutions, technologies and products are carefully selected to ensure the safety and quality of our service.

Water and sewerage systems

Centralized, stand-alone, floor, solar, etc.

Heating systems

Centralized, stand-alone, floor, solar, etc.

Air-conditioning systems

Water, direct expansion, VRF, ducted, CT air handling, etc.

Gas systems

Methane, GPL, medical gases and others.

Fire-fighting systems

Water extinguishing, sprinkler, foam-based, inert gas fire suppression, fire detection.

Water treatment systems

For any use in the civil and industrial sector.

Some of our works

A selection of works carried out by Novimpianti